His wife has a female lover

Yo, check this out, Queen. I’m at home relaxing and my wife comes in and she had a female friend with her, but this female friend doesn’t dress like a female she looks like a guy, right. I knew something was up, so I got her friend alone and we talked, come to find out they’re sleeping together. I confront my wife and she tells me that she is sleeping with this girl but she’s just having fun and I should understand that she wants to be with me and blaa blaa blaa blaa.

My question is, should I cheat on her or should I just leave, get all the lights cut off, stop paying the bills and leave while she’s at work? Because I gave this girl everything, we could talk to each other, I have a good job and making money. I’m not one of those wimpy guys letting there ladies robb them blind.

I treat her like a queen… your royalness help me out. What should I do? — Mad but not Stupid

It may be “just having fun” for her but it’s cheating no matter what gender she’s having sex with. Apparently she isn’t interested in stopping the “fun” despite how much she’s hurting you so it’s decision time.

Should you cheat on her? Why sink to her level? At some point it might get turned around that you cheated first so she just had to find comfort with someone else and that’s how she ended up with her current girlfriend.

If you’re sure there’s no chance this marriage can be saved, then it’s time to end it properly. Contact a lawyer, draw up the papers and end it the right way.

There are plenty of women who are looking for a guy to treat them like a queen. Get free and get looking.

Just my opinion. It’s your life so you’ll have to do what’s best for you. — Queenie