Timeless Advice

We all believe our relationship is different, our love for someone else so unusual. Relationships can be different than others we know of and love doesn’t follow set rules.

There is a sameness to most relationships but being caught in the emotional mess when a relationship is in trouble can blind us to the truth.

These are the advice archives for Friends and Lovers. Here you will find questions and answers, one or more that may mirror your own situation.

Some of the articles on this site were provided by authors not affiliated with Friends & Lovers or Home & Leisure Publishing, Inc. The articles have been selected for their content and are posted in “The Adultery Blog.” Information about the specific author is provided at the end of the article he or she has written.

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The majority of questions were sent to “Queenie,” our resident advice columnist who holds little back in her responses to readers’ questions.

The articles are provided as a service to visitors of this website. Links, products, and opinions of the various authors are their own and are not necessarily endorsed by Friends & Lovers or Home & Leisure Publishing, Inc.