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Playing With Fire

Dear Queenie, I have a boyfriend that I absolutely love (for almost four years now) and intend to stay with. However, I never felt this attracted before for someone else, an older guy that used to be my agency’s boss and hits on me all the time, or in other words, every time we talk.

We did make out once, drunk and in a disco, I ran off and felt miserable, but I kept on thinking about the guy. Didnt tell anybody – gives me chills just thinking my boyfriend may find out and I sure don’t want to lose him, but I cant help feeling on fire everytime we talk or meet in some disco.

I really feel like being with the guy and not telling anyone, I just dont know if someone can live with it for the rest of life and not tell/feel guilty. Thanks
How can you “absolutely love” someone and then cheat on them? How would you feel if you found out that your boyfriend had someone on the side who makes him feel on fire every time they talk or meet?

You want the security of your boyfriend and the thrill of this secret affair. Okay, you have it. If this older guy decides to become possessive what are you going to do? Or is he married and just looking for some side action? If he’s married you also need to worry about his wife finding out. Some wives run straight to the other woman’s husband or boyfriend to make sure they know all the details.

I think you should cut your boyfriend loose and hang with the older guy until the relationship ends or develops into something more. Your boyfriend deserves someone who feels on fire around him, exclusively.

Or, if your boyfriend really is important to you, cut all ties with the older guy and put all that energy into your boyfriend.

And never, never, never admit to cheating. It might make you feel better but it will destroy your boyfriend.

That’s what I think. ~ Queenie