Celebrity Divorces, Part 3

This is part of a lengthy listing of celebrity marriages and divorces. The information has been assembled from Web searches, newspaper and magazine articles, and other resources.

Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas: Barrymore’s 1994 marriage to bar owner Thomas lasted just eleven months. Details of the marriage or divorce eluded the press.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green: In December of 2001, after five months of marriage, comedian Green filed for divorce from Barrymore, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The couple said they would remain “great friends.”

Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher: Carrie Fisher was no stranger to divorce; her father, Eddie Fisher, divorced her mother, Debbie Reynolds, to marry Elizabeth Taylor when Carrie was two years old. She was married to Paul Simon in 1983 and divorced in 1984.

Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lorde: Fisher’s daughter with agent Bryan Lorde was born in 1992. Lorde and Fisher married in 1993 but divorced in 1995 when Lorde left Fisher for a man.

Paula Abdul and Emilio Estevez: The need for children of her own may be the reason that singer/choreographer Abdul’s marriage to actor Estevez ended. He already had children from a previous marriage and didn’t want any more. The couple, both very successful in their careers, married in 1992 and were divorced in 1994 with “irreconcilable differences” given as the reason for the marriage ending. They have remained friends.

Paula Abdul and Brad Beckerman: After dating for about eight months, Abdul and Beckerman were married in 1996 in a traditional Jewish wedding. The married ended badly a year and a half later with Abdul saying, “I don’t like to speak his name. We should have never been married.”

Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton: Doherty and Hamilton married two weeks after they met in 1993. The couple separated five months later and filed for divorce two months after that.

Shannen Doherty and Rick Solomon: Doherty married movie producer/Internet gambling site owner Solomon in Las Vegas in February 2002 and nine months later they separated. The marriage was annulled in 2003 reportedly due to Solomon’s disappearances to party for days on end. Solomon is best known for his appearance in a sex video with Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress.

Danniella Westbrook and Ben Morgan: The British actress married van driver Morgan eight weeks after they met. The marriage ended in divorce nine months later. Morgan and his mother later made money selling stories of Westbrook’s cocaine addiction to the tabloids.

Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi: Actress Shields and tennis pro Agassi dated for four years and then married in a lavish ceremony in 1997. Agassi filed for a divorce which was final in April 1999. He married German tennis player Steffi Graf in 2001.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola: Carey was a backup singer for Brenda K. Starr when Starr gave Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola a demo tape by Carey in 1988. Mottola signed her to a recording contract and her professional career began. In June 1993, Carey, 23, and Mottola, 43, were married. The couple separated in 1997 with Carey describing Mottola as possessive; the divorce was final in 1998.

Kevin Costner and Cynthia Costner: Their sixteen year marriage ended with a reported $80 million settlement for childhood sweetheart Cynthia. He denied he had been unfaithful but two years later admitted he was the father of a six-year-old son with a former socialite girlfriend.

John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn: The 1998 marriage of Stamos and Romijn was considered one of the most likely to succeed so it was a surprise when, after five years, it came to an end when Stamos filed for divorce in August 2004. Actor Stamos met former Victoria’s Secret model Romijn in 1994 at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Two months later they began dating and four years later they married.

Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon: The divorce between Hollywood’s suave leading man and his much younger wife turned messy as they fought for custody of their daughter and the tabloids were full of the juicy details.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander: Apparently with nothing better to do than to get a quickie Las Vegas wedding, pop singer Spears wed high school chum Alexander as part of their 2004 New Year’s celebration. The marriage was annulled two days later. With no prenup in place it could have been an extremely costly two days for Spears.

Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze: The four year marriage of Coppola and Jonze (born Adam Spiegel) ended when Coppola filed for divorce December 2003 citing “irreconcilable differences” and stating that they had separated the previous May. The marriage was the first for both. She is the daughter of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and he is the heir to the multi-million dollar Spiegel mail order business.